Product Variations

Product Variations

If your product has more than one option, like colors, material, size, etc, you can add product variations. Each combination of the available options will define a variant.
For example, if you have a shirt that comes in 2 colors Red and Black and have 3 sizes, Small, Medium, and Large, then you have 2 x 3 = 6 variants. Red Small, Red Medium, Red Large, Black Small, Blank Medium, and Black Large.
You can define variants when you add a product using the Advanced Inventory Editor. You can add edit variants of an existing product too.
You can even set different prices of a product based on the options, and you can track quantities of each variant

Adding product variations

While adding a product, scroll down to the Inventory Section and click on Advanced Inventory Editor

A new button Add Option will appear above the Price field

Click on Add Option button and you will see the options editor.

The first field is where you select your option type. Your store comes with inbuild options Size and Color. And the second field is where you define the values for the option.
If you wish to add a new type of option, for example, Material, you can type in the name of the new option and click on create 
Let's add multiple sizes for our product. Select Size from the option selector
In the second field, you can enter different sizes. If you have already added sizes before, you will see suggestions. If the size you want to enter does not exist, type it in and click Create

You can enter multiple values here.
After you enter the sizes, you will see the table below populate with the appropriate variants. You can add up to 3 options for a product.
For the example above, you will see this table

Now you can set prices for each variant, their product code, the old price and, quantity

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