Enable Fonepay payment

Enable Fonepay payment

Fonepay is a digital transaction processor in Nepal. Your users can use the mobile/internet banking of their own bank and make payment to your store. 
To enable payments using Fonepay, you will first need to contact Fonepay and get merchant code and a secret code.
Once you have them follow the guide below to enable Fonepay.
  1. From the main menu, go to Configuration
  2. Click on Payment Methods
  3. Find the section that says Online Gateways and click Add a gateway
  4. Now find Fonepay and click on the Activate button. You will see the configuration popup
  5. Enter the merchant code and the secret key you got from Fonepay
  6. Check the Enabled field
  7. Click Save
You can set Fonepay to test mode with the Test Mode checkbox. For this, you will need to ask for a test service code from Fonepay. The test mode is handy if you want to test some transactions before going live.

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