Categories describe the products in your catalog. The products in a category normally have similar properties, like, Pants, Shirts, BedSheets, Fiction, etc. A category can have or more properties such as name description, and image. The properties for the category define what you can use to display on the pages of your site or items for which your customers can search when they browse through your store.

If you want to add a collection of products, that don't have similar properties, like Sale, Festive Sale, Featured, Latest, Summer Collection, etc., see Collections instead.

Adding a category

  1. From the main menu, click Categories
  2. Click Add new. You will see a pop-up

  3. Enter name
  4. You can select a parent category if you are creating a sub-category
  5. You can activate or de-activate the category with the Is active field
  6. Enter the meta fields, which will be rendered in the meta tags of the category on your website.
  7. Click Save

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