Adding automatic discounts

Adding automatic discounts

You can create discounts that will apply to the carts automatically. Users don't need to enter any coupon code. You can also define rules with conditions which will need to match for the discount to be applied

Creating a fixed amount discount

  1. Click on Promotions from the main menu
  2. In the Promotions page, click Add New
  3. Enter the Name and Description of the promotion. The name will appear on your website
  4. You can leave the Coupon based field for now, as we are creating an automatic discount
  5. Select the time period during which you need the discount to be active
  6. Now click on Add Action, You will see a few choices
  7. Select Apply fixed discount on the entire order. You will see a field appear on the right side, asking you for the amount you want to discount.
  8. Enter the amount you want to discount. 
  9. In the rules section, you can set when the user is eligible for this discount. e.g. The cart has to be more than $500 of value,  or the cart has to have more than 10 items in it. If you want to apply this discount to all orders, leave the rules section as it is.
  10. Click Save

Discounts in Pasls are exclusive. That is if you have multiple active discounts, then only one discount will be applied to any cart. 

Adding percentage discount

A percentage discount applies a relative discount on the cart. Adding a percentage discount is similar to adding a fixed amount discount. 
  1. Step 1 through 6 is the same as adding a fixed amount discount above.
  2. Select Apply percentage discount on the entire order. You will see a field appear on the right side, asking you for the percentage you want to discount.
  3. Enter the percentage
  4. Define any rules if you need them.
  5. Click Save

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