Add discount to selected group of products

Add discount to selected group of products

Some times, you need to promote a certain group of products with discounts. It could be a clearance sale or just some items you want more sales. You can create a discount that is applied only to selected products in certain groups.
For example, you might have a stock of winter wears on which you decide to give a 5% discount. 

Here is how you do it.
Before you create a Promotion, make sure you create a collection with the products you want to apply the discount. See Collections for information about how to do that
Then we can create the promotion.
  1. Go to the Promotions page
  2. Click Add new
  3. Enter the name, description and time period
  4. Click Add Action
  5. Now click Apply percentage discount on items. (You can click Apply fixed discount on items if you want to give a fixed amount discount).
  6. Enter the percentage you want
  7. Here is the interesting bit. In the field below the percentage, select the collections which this discount is eligible for. You can select multiple collections
  8. Click Save
This will apply a 5% discount on the items that belong to the collection Winter Collection

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